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by Being a Caring Community

of Contagious Believers

We serve the god who moves through history, revealing his plans and redeeming his people!

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Kevin enns

Pastor Kevin and his wife Teri joined the Bow River family in May, 2016.

Kevin & Teri are proud parents to 2 adult children and their spouses.  They presently are blessed with 6 grandchildren!   They have been "Canadian parents" to another thirteen young adults from around the globe.

Pastor Kevin tends to preach through a book of the Bible at a time, with an eye to harvesting wisdom and insight for life from the whole counsel of God (that's the Bible from beginning to end!)

Easter a April 12, 2020-6

Our Sermons

As we start 2022 we are following a sermon series called, "The Good Life."

This focus on the Kingdom of God comes primarily from Matthew 5:1-48.

It was given at the Exchange Church YYC by Pastor Brad Young in the Fall, 2021.

This series will take us through March 13, 2022.